About me?  I’m over 60 – and that sounds so old.  Every time I have to write it down, or I see it in writing, I’m a little shocked.  In my brain I’m somewhere in my mid-twenties.  I am a grandmother – but no one calls me that.  I’m “Nana.”  I have two daughters, and three grandsons, and I’m a widow.  Widow.  I hate that word.  I still feel married.  I’m a retired psychotherapist – you know, “psycho” + “therapist”… am I psycho?  Sometimes I wonder.  But this is turning into a blog, and it’s supposed to be “about me.”  That’s about it.  I moved to a new town earlier this year trying to start a new life; trying to find some meaning in my life; trying to find a reason to, well, keep keeping on.

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